Magnet Certified Forensics Examiner

This past weekend, I earned the "Magnet Certified Forensics Examiner - AXIOM" certification. I got a a 94.4%! I took the associated course a month ago but various things kept popping up and I kept putting off the test. I'm relieved to have the test out of the way and excited to add MCFE to my resume and CV.

Magnet Forensics' previous flagship product was Internet Evidence Finder, which was typically used as an add-on program alongside another tool like EnCase or FTK. With AXIOM, they've expanded IEF into a full-fledged forensics suite that can handle computer, mobile and cloud investigations. I love it. It's an awesome tool and it can locate and process more useful artifacts than any other tool I've used.

If you need help with a computer misuse or other workplace investigation, give me a a call. I'd love to put AXIOM to use for you.

#computerforensics #MCFE #AXIOM #Magnet #certification

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