Guidance Software Forensic Bug Bounty

A couple of months ago, Guidance Software announced a short-term research program through Bugcrowd. Bugcrowd runs "bug bounty" programs for software companies through which security researchers can report security vulnerabilities and get paid for their work. In this case, Guidance was seeking reports of forensic artifacts instead of vulnerabilities.

I have submitted reports of security vulnerabilities in the past, but I had never participated in a bug bounty (they didn't exist until a couple of years ago). So, I decided to participate and submitted details about an artifact from the Safari web browser on Mac OS that I didn't think had been published before. I found out this week that my submission was accepted and that I will receive a cash payment and a challenge coin. I can't wait until next time.

Thank you Guidance Software and Bugcrowd!

#GuidanceSoftware #bugcrowd #computerforensics #MacOS #Safari

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