Updates - Aug 2017

I've decided to try out the expert witness directories to see if they are helpful in drawing in new customers. My first listing is up at HGExperts.com . I'm planning to list in another directory soon and will update this post when I do.

Prior to moving to this new site, I blogged that I had recently purchased Magnet AXIOM. AXIOM grew out of Magnet's Internet Evidence Finder product which was used by many forensics examiners as an add-on to forensic suites such as EnCase and FTK. IEF brought the ability to carve a lot of Internet and social-media related artifacts that the other suites were not able identify. AXIOM is IEF upgraded to a full forensic suite. I'm really excited to have it. I plan to attend a week long training class for AXIOM sometime in September-October and I can't wait.

More updates soon.

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